Reading minds

An excerpt from my Morning Pages.

I notice that I really enjoy dreaming.

It is a simulation that my brain runs and in which I am fully immersed. I get lost in that world in the same way I get lost in films or books. I live in another world: I see what they see, feel what they feel.

Reading minds

Our brain is an amazing simulation machine to “mind read” someone else’s perspective. It is a shame we can’t do this more fluidly and easily. Instead, it is a latent power which we all under-use.

We as humans can relatively easily step into someone else’s shoes but we have an aversion against doing so. It is deeply uncomfortable to entertain the idea that our beliefs & behaviours are wrong.

However, if we can fluidly move between mind states, we can make people feel understood & comfortable. That is a superpower.

The Theory of Mind

I notice myself here talking about “beliefs”. In How History Gets Things Wrong, Rosenberg stresses that this is relying on the Theory of Mind: the invisible mental model we all hold which permits us to guess the mental state of someone else.

I had never considered this before the book.
I didn’t think about it because to me it didn’t exist. Not even present but obvious, but instead just invisible. What is water to a fish?

What else is invisible to me? How can I make it visible?



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